Wedding Weather !!

Most couples pray for the sun on their wedding day, it lifts the spirits, means people can drink “al fresco” and puts everyone in good form……apart from your wedding photographer !!! Strong sun can be much harder to manage than bad weather, people squinting, strong shadows, bleached colours etc….luckily, most professional photographers can handle these conditions. Whereas a dull overcast day, with some cloud detail would be perfect for photos, you can use the sun to your advantage. Recently I was back in the stunning Trudder Lodge for the wedding of Neasa & PJ and the sun was blazing. Using the right angles, and of course the fab location, we were able to capture the image below, and although I’m not normally a fan of bright & bold colours I think this works really well.

Stunning bluebells in Trudder Lodge at the fab wedding of Neasa & PJ