Blast from the past – Donegal wedding of Enika & Conor

One thing about (work related) housekeeping is that you get to revisit weddings from way back. Although it can sidetrack you, the memories of these special days are great to have. One wedding which sticks in my mind was that of Enika & Conor back in July 1997. The couple travelled from Australia to get married in Ballyliffen (way way up in Donegal) and it was one of those days when everything just fell into place. Leading up to the wedding the weather had been horrific, and, even when I was driving up the day beforehand  it was still lashing out of the heavens. On the morning of the wedding, the black clouds were replaced by white fully clouds & deep blue skies. Enika & Conor had hired a local mini-bus to ferry the bridal party, myself (and a slab of tinnies !) to nearby Pollan Bay where I was able to capture the beauty of the area and the afternoon made for a very special photoshoot. The gang were all so laid back and we had an absolute blast before returning to the hotel. I have uploaded a few of the pics below, hope you enjoy.