Feena & Claude-Alain – 15 Sept 2012

Where to start with Feena & Claudes wedding ?? Quite a few firsts for me !!

I called over to meet Feena in the fab La Stampa Hotel for a few shots. The wedding ceremony was due to start at 4pm in University Church on Stephens Green, so, her hubby-to-be Claude-Alain turned up @ 1:30 for a few shots & a quick stroll towards Grafton Street, then off to the Iveagh Gardens for some bridal party shots & family shots….so all photos were done & dusted before the marriage ceremony !!! As you might guess from his name, Claude-Alain is not originally from these shores, he is in fact from Switzerland,a country quite close to me having spent quite a bit of time working in Zurich. A large contingent from the Gruyere district in Switzerland turned up in the national costumes making it a very colourful day. After the ceremony it was through Stephens Green to get the two buses back to the Thomas Prior Hall in Ballsbridge for the ceremony. In typical Irish (and very non-Swiss) tradition the buses were late but great fun was had on the trip nonetheless. I have a few shots from the day below so feel free to have a look, just click on the play button at the bottom right corner, and, if you happen to know either Feena or Claude-Alain feel free to leave a comment (English or Swiss/French !!).