Having gone through the details, and some bride & groom portraiture, it’s now time to have a look at those “moments”. Those moments that no-one notices, or that go in the blink of an eye, immortalized by a split second photograph.  Capturing your guests & family and their personalities, Sometimes thought provoking, perhaps romantic, occasionally cute,  but most of the time just plain funny, these are the type of images that I love.

I like to think that the main photos of the happy couple, their bridal party, families & friends are the cornerstones of wedding photography but the “moments” (or reportage images) are the mortar that holds them together, building up a full and detailed account of the day, not just in poses, but in atmosphere, in fun, in laughs…….in moments. These are the images that are not posed, but reflect the day in little glimpses.

Most of these images are from 2013, but I couldn’t help but add in a few all time favorites.

Hope you enjoy. (Just click on the play icon on the bottom right to start the show)