I regularly get asked the same questions by couples, so, have decided to put up a few of the more frequently asked ones along with answers. If there is anything not addressed here which you are concerned about, or require clarification on, just drop me a line and I will get back to you.

  • How many photos do we receive ?

This is very hard to gauge as each wedding is different, each couple have their own requirements and factors such as weather, location etc. can have a bearing. However, for a typical wedding, with coverage from the bridal preparations up to the start of the meal, you are looking at between 400-500 photos,

  • Will our photos be watermarked ?

No. All images are fully edited, colour balanced and print ready with no watermarks.

  • Will we own the copyright on the photos ?

The copyright for all photos remains with the photographer. You get full printing and reproduction rights, you also get all images in lo-resolution for sharing via email & social media. But the copyright remains with me. In effect, what this means is that you cannot distribute or sell the images to third parties for their advertising purposes, nor can you enter them into competitions. Very often a simple phonecall can clear the matter up (all exposure is good exposure).

  • Can we get extended coverage ?

Yes, see under packages for the details but extended coverage is available up to the first few dances at a price of €250. This covers photos of the speeches, and ad-hoc photos as well as the couples first dance and the next few dances (when your guests have plenty of energy !!). There are however some terms & conditions. This coverage is up to a “reasonable” time, the latest being 10:30pm. Depending on travel distance home and workload at the time this might not be available. At some stage during the meal I need to get a break of at least 60 mins to get some food and recharge the batteries (my own…not the cameras). In the case where there is no public bar or restaurant facilities the couple must talk to the venue to ensure that, at the very least, coffee & sandwiches are available.

  • How long before we get our photos?

Due to workload, and the fact that I edit each image individually and take as much time as needed to ensure your images are of the highest possible standard you are looking at a waiting time of between 8-10 weeks. These photos are to last a lifetime and beyond so I won’t take shortcuts and rush out any images.

  • Do our photos have to appear on Facebook ?

No, this is entirely up to each couple. With some it’s popular, with others it’s not, so I leave the decision up to you. However, I do reserve the right to enter any photographs into professional competition and, if any awards are received then there may be some publicity, but no names of couples are used.

  • Do you have a second photographer, or do you have a videographer you work with ?

As my style is to blend into the background as much as possible, having a second shooter is not something I do. On some rare occasions I may bring an assistant, but most of the time I operate solo. I don’t offer video services, but I do have contact details for a number of great videographers who would operate very similar to me, just ask and I am always happy to pass on their details. In fact, I have a long list of other suppliers such as church singers, florists, make up artists which I can recommend – just ask :)