Aoife & Danny – Enniskerry and Kippure Estate (via Lough Tay)

I always look forward to shooting weddings, but was especially looking forward to Aoife & Dannys wedding as it was being held in Kippure Estate, a first time at the venue for me, but I know the roads around the area from my landscape days and love the Wicklow countryside.  We took a detour and crossed over to Lough Tay and it was well worth the trip as we got a stunning image, one for the wall !!! The whole day was laid back, relaxed, but went like clockwork, and the fab surroundings of Kippure Estate really lent itself to the overall atmosphere, even though I couldn’t get the bride & groom to go on the zip-line, or partake in a bit of paintballing !!  :) Hope you like the pics below.