Camilla & Dave – Moyvalley & Balyna House

At my age birthdays are not greeted with anticipation, valentines are not forthcoming :( and, apart from junk mail, all that ever lands through my postbox are bills, bills, and more bills !! You can imagine my delight when I received a lovely card from Camilla & Dave whose wedding I shot last summer – yes, an actual card, with real writing etc…:)  –  I was however more excited when I read what was on the card.

“Kevin, thank you so much for the beautiful photos which you captured on the day of our wedding. We were absolutely thrilled with them. It was a pleasure to work with you on the day and we will treasure our photos always. We’ill be in touch in the future about an album. Camilla & David”

To be a wedding photographer you have to love your job, the days are soo exciting, all facets of human emotion are visible, and hopefully captured, but after the hustle & bustle of the day come the hours & hours of processing, tweaking, backups, designing etc., all done in a solitary capacity, followed by the nervous anticipation when you send out the images. So, when a couple take time out of their busy lives to say thanks it’s a thrill and it helps to keep your head in the game.

Not that I had much trouble at Camilla & Daves wedding, a glorious sunny day, a lovely couple (whom I had met at previous weddings), familiar faces within the guests, the fab surroundings of Moyvalley & Balyna House….and to top it off, an ice cream van !!



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