Why get a wedding album ??

Although my most popular package is still my digital package, I always recommend couples to come back to me at some stage to organize a wedding album. From storybook to slightly more traditional and hand assembled bespoke albums there are styles and tastes to suit all budgets. Yes, the albums can be expensive, but they should be !!  When making an investment you want to ensure that the quality of both the album and the printing stands the test of time. This is not just for a wedding couple, but for their children & grandchildren down through the years.

Remember cassette tapes ? Well DVDs could be heading down the obsolete road soon, and although I provide USB keys, how long will it be till they become outdated ? What doesn’t become obsolete or go out of style ?? Photographs ! With a high quality wedding album you have a tangible object which can be handed down through generations for years and dragged out on special occasions (anniversaries, childrens weddings etc..) even if it’s just to laugh at the fashions & hairstyles !!!

You won’t regret investing in an album, but you may regret not doing so.  See below for a storybook layout of a recent wedding :)