Why get an Engagement Shoot ?

Among the many comments from wedding couples are “I/We hate having my/our picture taken”, “xxx is very nervous about the photos”, “we don’t want rigid poses, we like more natural shots”, “how long will the photos take, I want to spend time with my guests”.

One way to address this is to consider the increasingly popular “engagement shoot” where the couple get to meet their photographer in a relaxed atmosphere and come out the other side with a fab selection of images, but there are plenty of other real benefits as well.

Firstly, you get to know your photographer, their style, their personality, how they pose couples, how fast they “get the shot” and how they interact with you, it also benefits the photographer as they get to know you better, how you interact as a couple, if you are hands-on (literally), what aspects of the photos, if any, are you nervous about and this is a great time for them to give you any posing tips if necessary. This is invaluable preparation for the big day as it’s all done in a relaxed and easygoing manner, with no rushing and without the inconvenience of a wedding celebration going on in the background !! :)

When the big day comes around, both you & the photographer know exactly what to expect,  for couples who hate having the photos taken they are much more at ease, and a big plus is that it saves time on the day – anyone who gets married will tell you how fast time goes by so any extra time saved is precious.

Other benefits are of course a lovely selection of photos of yourself & your fiance, these can be used on your “save the date” cards, invitations, table settings, seating plan etc..and, if you are planning a wedding website, you have a great gallery of images at the ready. A lot of photographers also offer the option of a signature board where an image of your choice is matted behind a heavy duty mount board for your guests to sign on your wedding day and for you to frame as a keepsake.

But perhaps the biggest benefit are the moments in time captured between you & your fiance at the start of the next stage of your relationship.