Heather & David – Donabate & Bellingham Castle

Rarely do I get a chance to do local weddings, so, it was a pleasure to be asked to cover Heather & Davids wedding. Not only was the church 5 mins drive away from my home, but the reception was in the fab Bellingham Castle where I love shooting. We popped out to Tower Bay (another haunt of mine) for a couple of photos before we headed up the motorway to Bellingham. sadly, their VW had an “issue” and they had to flag down friends for a lift to get to the hotel !!! It all added up to the fun of the day. The sun shone and everyone enjoyed the stunning surroundings of the castle, and their fab beer garden. Hopefully my photos capture the moments of a very enjoyable day. I’m currently taking bookings for 2018 & have some availability remaining for 2017 so feel free to get in touch :)

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