IPPVA Bank of Ireland Photographer of the Year

Am so happy yet again to be a finalist in this annual awards ceremony. This will be my third year in a row to be a finalist, but, as the standard is incredibly high this year I have zero expectations and am just delighted to be involved. Taken from the IPPVA website :

“The IPPVA awards differ from other awards in that they are solely judged by a panel of national and international professional photographers, both members and non members of the IPPVA, over 4 heats during the year. As such they recognise and reward technical and creative excellence, rather than being a popularity contest or public vote.

Awards are not easy to win, and winning even one is an achievement. Maintaining the consistency required to win four in the same year, in order to qualify as a finalist, is therefore quite special.”

See below for my wedding award winners (I also am a finalist in the landscape category :) )

IPPA Jan10-100 HC2

IPPA Jan12-102 Hc1

HC Wed 3


IPPA Jan8-100 HC3


HC Wed 1

Hc Wed 2