Capture the moment ??

Is the phrase “capture the moment” overused in photography circles ?? Probably, but it can sum up an image, taken in a split second, that won’t be repeated again. It is literally, capturing that moment and freezing it forever, a sneaky kiss on a wedding day, the tears of joy on a parents face, the innocence (or not !!) of children, or just a look, a smile, unposed, unsolicited by the photographer. When we are photographing weddings we keep the posing to a minimum as much as possible and look out for these moments, hoping to catch them – it’s not always possible, but sometimes everything just falls into place. Between the wedding meal and the start of the dancing Alan went for a walk with his daughter, away from the crowds,  just a bit of fresh air for the two of them. Luckily I was outside as well, cooling off after a long warm day and was delighted to “capture this moment”.