Ruth and Craig – Darver Castle Wedding

I was so looking forward to Ruth & Craigs wedding. I had met Ruth a number of times over the years at various functions and was delighted when she asked me to photograph their wedding. It all fell so nicely into place with Ruths preps taking place in the newly refurbished Shoreline Hotel, just 5 mins from my house. I was to meet Criag in Darver Castle where the ceremony & reception were being held – one of my favourite venues in the country. The weather played ball, everyone was in great form and the party kicked off even before the meal was served with Tropical Storm leading a huge sing song. I have so many photos I love from the day, the selection below is just a small sample which hopefully gets across the atmosphere of the day.

Ruth L001 Ruth L002 Ruth L003 Ruth L004 Ruth L005 Ruth L006 Ruth L007 Ruth L008 Ruth L009 Ruth L010 Ruth L011 Ruth L012 Ruth L013 Ruth L014 Ruth L015 Ruth L016 Ruth L017 Ruth L018 Ruth L019 Ruth L020 Ruth L021 Ruth L022 Ruth L023 Ruth L024 Ruth L025 Ruth L026 Ruth L027 Ruth L028 Ruth L029 Ruth L030 Ruth L031 Ruth L032 Ruth L033