Christine & David – Curracraigue Wexford & Step House Hotel, Borris

When I met up with Christine & David their brief was simple, mainly reportage shots, but a small bit of time on a few family shots, neither wanted to spend too much time in front of the camera. At that stage I knew the day would go well as that is exactly what my style is, and the the day did indeed go great. There was fantastic light in their house for the preparations (and a very calm atmosphere) the priest was a real charachter, had everyone in giggles but still managed to retain the solemnity of the occassion, the Step House Hotel is a real hidden gem, lovely interiors, great gardens and the staff were ever so helpful. Also, Borris Castle, which is across the road from the hotel, had its doors open (only does this on a limited number of days each year) and I heard from a colleague who was shooting a wedding in neighbouring Wexford that there was torrential rain – we had a nice, bright (but very cold !) evening. So all the pieces fell into place nicely, Christine & her bridesmaids looked stunning, herself, David and their families were an absolute pleasure to deal with, and I’m thrilled to say, they were delighted with their photos – and I’m fairly happy with them myself (although I am biased !!). I have uploaded a small selection of shots below. Feel free to have a look and just click on any image for a slightly larger version.