Amy & Eoins summer wedding at Marlfield House, Wexford

Take one great relaxed and fun couple, throw in a sprinkle of retro glamour, add a fab boutique venue, wonderful weather, drinks on the lawn and mix them all together and you get Amy & Eoins big day in Marlfield House. With everything taking place in the one spot and the ceremony in a clearing in the forest it really was a pleasure to be part of the day. After the photos made their way to Australia to the happy couple I was thrilled to hear back from them :

Hi Kevin,

We received the photos in the post on Thursday and have been looking through them since.  The box and presentation is fantastic and the photos are fantastic.

Thank you so much.
Best regards,
Eoin & Amy
Have a look through a small selection of the photos and, if you like our style of relaxed and stress free photography, without any compromise on quality why not drop us a line ?
eoin amy 001
eoin amy 002
eoin amy 003
eoin amy 004
eoin amy 005
eoin amy 006
eoin amy 007
eoin amy 008
eoin amy 009
eoin amy 010
eoin amy 011
eoin amy 012
eoin amy 013
eoin amy 014
eoin amy 015
eoin amy 016
eoin amy 017
eoin amy 018
eoin amy 019
eoin amy 020
eoin amy 021
eoin amy 022
eoin amy 023
eoin amy 024
eoin amy 025
eoin amy 026
eoin amy 027

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