Anatomy of a photograph

I pride myself on delivering relaxed and informal photography on your wedding day without any compromise on the final quality of the image, but, if a chance comes along for a shot, or I see something that I think would look fab I’m all over it. Luckily my planning in the run up to each wedding makes allowances for such circumstances. To illustrate the point I will explain the backstory behind the photo below as well as explain how we got there.

I had shot quite a few weddings in Seafield before and, when there were to be beach shots, we had gone down to the “public” beach at Ballymoney. This time was a little different however as Shauna & Davy had actually gotten engaged on the beach accessed through Seafield and their one “must have” shot was on this part of the strand so I wanted to make sure we got a standout shot to last a lifetime, but I also promised them we would be back at their guests by 4:15. Luckily a lot of things came together on the day. Firstly the main event manager at Seafield had volunteered to drive us there in a golf buggy, then Shaunas bridesmaid Orla hopped onto the back of the buggy to make sure all the bits & pieces were in place. Shauna helped big time by bringing along a pair of blinged up runners and of course we had a stunning day in terms of the weather. As soon as we arrived at the beach I saw the shot I wanted, but the spot was covered with kids enjoying the sun so we took a few other quick photos, once the little ones had moved on, Shauna scampered up the hill thanks to the runners and whereas a sunny day is often a pain for a photographer, the solid blue sky provided a stunning backdrop.

Within a minute I knew I had the shot I wanted, and with a couple of quick stops on the way back to the hotel it was 4:14 as we arrived at reception. Main job done, no stress, no fuss and everyone was so relaxed heading into the drinks reception all thanks to a little planning and a little help from lady luck !!

Shauna Davy-100