City Centre Chic – A wonderful lockdown wedding

My last wedding of 2020 was such a great day. Held during Covid restrictions Derrick & Emma were a joy to work with. Not only did they look uber-cool, they didn’t mind the rain or trekking across the city for some great street shots as well as visiting a few hidden gems for a picture perfect afternoon. This day proved that small weddings can be such wonderful days, and also that my home city of Dublin can provide fab backdrops for photos if you know your way around. “We would like Christmas shots, some city shots and most importantly shots with Bonnie (their dog)” – a simple brief made the day a breeze. With the ceremony in the great City Hall we had easy access to a few hidden walks as well as a planned route up towards Stephens Green to take in the lights. Hopefully the shots below can give you an idea of the day and perhaps some inspiration if you are planning a small celebration. Enjoy 🙂

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