Grainne & John – Anglers Rest Wedding

I had photographed the wedding of Grainnes sister, Yvonne a couple of years ago and when I arrived for the preps my photos were all over the walls !!! So, although I was delighted to see them, I also felt a wave of pressure to deliver !! I needn’t have worried as I was made feel at home from I walked in the door, and, with all of Grainne & Johns planning the small details were all laid out and beautifully presented. The wedding lent itself to its location n Wrights Anglers rest, intimate with a bit of a shabby chic feeling to it. The “goodie” table was laid out with all sorts of cakes, biscuits and sweet things, so much so that the guests were afraid to eat them, which was a result for me as I bagged me a few treats (with permission) for the trip home.

I was delighted to hear back from Grainne & John this morning :

“Hi Kevin,
Sorry for only getting back to you now, busy weekend! Well we are so thrilled with our pictures! Firstly thank you for presenting them in such a unique gorgeous way! So so pretty!
The pictures really portrayed our day perfectly, just great fun! They really captured the vibe we had for our wedding, rustic, vintage, country & low key. There are so many fab & quirky pics that we just love especially of John & I inside the venue.
We have such gorgeous pics with nearly every special person that was at our wedding & we’ll be able to cherish all those memories so thank you so much again. Everyone just looks so happy. We are getting great feed back on them, I shared some on FB. So thank you Kevin, we are!
Take care & keep up the great work ?
Grainne & John xo “
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