Helena and Joe – Castle Durrow

Had a wonderful day in Castle Durrow shooting Helena & Joes wedding – even better to receive some lovely kind words :

“Can’t recommend Kevin highly enough. He captured so many lovely moments throughout the day and slotted seamlessly into the background, to the point were I actually couldn’t remember where he was during the ceremony. It was only when I saw the amazing photos that I realised that he had a birds eye view and caught so many of the candid moments. He put us all at ease and was great to have around on the day.”

I had actually shot Joes brothers wedding a few years ago, and am in fact shooting Helenas sisters wedding in 2023 so I must be doing something right !!!

Hope you enjoy the small selection of images below.

Helena TY-1 Helena TY-2 Helena TY-3 Helena TY-4 Helena TY-5 Helena TY-6 Helena TY-7 Helena TY-8 Helena TY-9 Helena TY-10 Helena TY-11 Helena TY-12 Helena TY-13 Helena TY-14 Helena TY-15 Helena TY-16 Helena TY-17 Helena TY-18 Helena TY-19 Helena TY-20 Helena TY-21 Helena TY-22 Helena TY-23 Helena TY-24 Helena TY-25 Helena TY-26 Helena TY-27 Helena TY-28 Helena TY-29 Helena TY-30

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