Micro Weddings – Not as new as you think

With the current C-19 restrictions and lockdown many couples have had to sadly postpone their big day to later in 2020 or to 2021. However, some are deciding to tie the knot on their original day and opting for a micro-wedding within the current guidelines and social distancing etiquette. It may surprise many, but micro-weddings have been around for years in Ireland.  Mainly these would be considered “elopement weddings” and traditionally would be foreign couples coming to Ireland to take their vows, but I have also covered many weddings for Irish couples with a small and intimate ceremony followed by a meal with family and a party for friends at a later stage. What a nice idea this is, you can still have your official wedding, albeit in a much more intimate fashion, and follow up when restrictions are lifted with a big party for friends & family, and you can always do a vow renewal ceremony on your “party day” to make it a full day experience.

Five years ago Liz and Travis traveled from California to get married in Kilronan Castle, there was just the two of them, Travis’ mam and stepdad, the celebrant, the musician and myself. The ceremony was recorded for youtube and was going to be uploaded later that day (no live streaming technology back then !), Travis’ mam & stepdad renewed their vows and I was roped in to do a reading “as gaeilge” as no-one else knew Irish ! What a wonderful day we had.

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