Positive Thinking

When I met Aisling & Alan on the lead up to their wedding we discussed the possibility of a sunset shot. I was staying to the first dances, and I know Tulfarris (wedding venue) quite well so had a spot in mind for a quick shot between the end of the meal & the first dances. On the morning of the wedding it was wet & overcast, and during the day this changed to windy and overcast but no sign of the sun. After the cake cutting the sun was still being elusive, but after a quick chat we decided to go outside anyway as the fresh air and a little bit of “quiet” time was very tempting to the happy couple. As we strolled down to where I had planned a gap in the clouds appeared, followed by a quick 5 mins of a sunset over the Blessington Lakes. Throughout the day I had promised a sunset shot, but mainly as a joke, but we were rewarded in spades for a quick walk outside 🙂


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