Rachel and Tonys Clonabreany House Wedding

We are blessed with so many wonderful wedding venues throughout the country, but we all have our favourites, and for me, Clonabreany is one of mine.

I have been shooting here now for many years and I still love the relaxed vibe, the great grounds and the helpful staff. Rachel and Tony were such an easygoing and friendly couple and were a perfect match for Clonabreany, and also for my style of natural and relaxed photography. From early morning preps in Tom Blake House, working alongside Gerry from Limelight Wedding Films, and with the girls in the hands of the wonderful Fiona Harrison and Stylicious Styling I knew I was on to a winner of a day – and what a day it was !!

Hopefully the photos below can give you an idea of the day, and, if they look like what you might like for your celebration just get in touch – we would love to hear from you !


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