Relaxed Couple Photography


For my second blog of 2014 I thought I would shine some light on my views on wedding couple photography.  Most couples these days, while wanting top quality photos, wish to spend as much time as possible with their guests, so, before the day, I draft up a “plan” for timings and maybe locations if appropriate, and also a “wet weather” plan so, on the day the photos go as smoothly as possible with little or no time lost. Rather than overly pose couples, I prefer to keep my distance and, if applicable, incorporate as much of the landscape / hotel grounds into the images. I also move in close for maybe 2/3 photos but keep these to a minimum (unless specific requests have been made).

For most couples about 30 mins on the day is plenty for couple photography and I tend to split this up into 2 sessions – the first on location or in the hotel grounds and the second session just before the meal is called for . This always proves very popular with couples as it gives them a chance to catch their breath and spend some quiet time together.

See attached slideshow of a selection of couple shots from 2013 – just a small collection from various weddings throughout  the year .

Click on the play button (bottom right) to start the slideshow.

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