Shirley & Paul – Blackrock and Haddington House Hotel

I had a blast shooting Shirley & Pauls wedding, so laid back but sooo much fun. The weather behaved with the fab backdrop of Dun Laoghaire as the party rocked in the beer garden of the Haddington House Hotel. Delighted to hear back from them when they received their photos.

“To say we like the photos is a complete understatement. They are nothing short of brilliant and we are delighted. You really can catch a moment and thanks so much. We could not recommend you enough. Best of luck with everything and if we ever need a photographer again you will be our only call. If anyone ever asks we will have nothing but good to say about you. You really did a great job.”

Although I love my job, feedback like this makes everything worthwhile.

Shirley Paul 001Shirley Paul 002Shirley Paul 003Shirley Paul 004Shirley Paul 005Shirley Paul 006Shirley Paul 007Shirley Paul 008Shirley Paul 009Shirley Paul 010Shirley Paul 011Shirley Paul 012Shirley Paul 013Shirley Paul 014Shirley Paul 015Shirley Paul 016Shirley Paul 017Shirley Paul 018Shirley Paul 019Shirley Paul 020Shirley Paul 021Shirley Paul 022

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