Still going strong !!

One of the fun parts of my regular backups & archives is revisiting of weddings I have shot in the past. It is interesting to see how, or if my style changes over the years. I found with my recent archive that my style of relaxed and stress free photography has been present in my weddings for most of my years doing this gig full time (and I love an aul walking shot !!)

My first few weddings were on medium format film cameras, 12 shots per roll of film so my camera bag was full of film and not full of gear ! The advent of high quality digital cameras made such a difference though in how I shoot weddings. They gave me the freedom of travelling light, (medium format cameras were big beasts !) being able to capture a lot more images without having to worry about changing film, and the ability to develop my own images right on the computer screen – a real game changer.

However, using film cameras stood me in good stead, each camera click was a cost so I had to know my composition and posing down to the smallest of details. This background now enables me to be able to mix my love of candid and documentary shots along with the odd more traditional pose ensuring that I deliver a well balanced selection of images detailing the whole day as it unfolds.

See below for just a few shots I pulled from my recent archive – hope you enjoy 🙂

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