Stress Free and Natural Photography

It’s an overused phrase, but it’s also what we build our foundation on – not being keen on being in front of the camera myself, I fully know the importance of making the photos as easy and natural as possible, plus it also get the “real” emotions and laughs and, in the process hopefully captures your personality.

Don’t just take my word for it though – I recently had the pleasure of shooting Vanessa & Daniels wedding down in Co Limerick and, although only having seen a few shots, I was thrilled to hear from them :

“Thank you so much again for everything Kevin, nothing I say can do justice to how brilliant you were. Was just talking earlier about how we didn’t even realise some of these photos were being taken, you were so natural and not intrusive at all – it made for some of the most amazing shots because I feel like you really captured the essence of myself and Dan’s relationship ?

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