Aisling & Eoin

Having met Aisling as a bridesmaid at her sisters wedding I knew that although a little mad, she would be great fun to work with and I was not disappointed. Between herself & Eoin there were only two requests – Eoin had a particular style in mind for a photo of himself & the lads and Aisling just wanted me to “bring the cheese” !! Plenty of cheesy shots of the two of them.  I had a very enjoyable  day photographing the wedding, knowing the family from the previous wedding helped, the great weather was a bonus, and being familiar with the hotel & beach topped it off nicely. The only downer on the day was the swarm of flies that attacked us on Ballymoney beach – some serious photoshop to be done for the beach shots !! The day finished with me praisng the celtic tiger for its one decent legacy – the new motorways !! Less than 60 mins from Ballymoney to the in-laws in Belgard. Just a few draft shots below.

Last minute adjustments for the groom

Check out the brides fab shoes !!