Winter Wonderland

Yes, I know that snow can be a royal pain in the a#se – but it can also add to the most stunning of landscapes. Early this morning, with the kids wrapped up in bed, I decided to take a bit of “me-time”.  I put on my waterproofs, packed up the camera in my bag and headed off into the snow.  I started just around the corner from my house, heading along Ballymastone Lane, then up Reillys Hill and into the grounds of St Itas. From there I headed down to the cliff walk between Donabate & Portrane and on to Tower Bay. Despite living out here for 15+ years, I think that this morning, I got my favourite pic of Lambay Island. I was in my element, but then the reality kicked in as I saw the sky turn black and copped on that I now had a 45 mins walk home, facing into a blizzard !! Was it worth it ? I think so, and have attached a small sample of my pics below. Hope you enjoy them.

Ballymastone Lane

Reillys Hill

Bumped into these guys at the top of the hill

St Itas Grounds

St Itas Clock Tower

North Beach - Donabate

Start of the Cliff Walk

Cliff Walk

Cliff Walk with Lambay Island in background

What my nose felt like !!

Lambay View

At the end of the Cliff Walk

Lambay Island

Tower Bay - Portrane