2010 – Part 1

With only one wedding left this year, and New Years Eve off for the first time in a while, I thought it was time for a look back on 2010 and ask myself how/have I developed as a photographer. My first major achievement was getting my licentiate with the IPPA, its great to get some recognition from your peers, and then, throughout the year to get numerous awards, culminating with a diamond award in the final awards of the year. My style has also developed this year with my focus (no pun intended !) being on a more documentary/reportage style of photography.  A true documentary/reportage photographer does not pose, or interfere in any way on the days proceedings, he/she is there purely to record the events as they happen, to capture the emotions, the laughs, the tears, the unexpected moments. I can’t place myself fully in that category as I do like to set aside some time for a few family shots & some bride & groom portraiture, but I do try to make it as informal as possible. To be honest, I don’t think I will ever be able to class myself as a purely documentary photographer as there will always be a bit of a traditionalist inside me (years & years of my dads wedding photos have been ingrained into me !!) but, given that most of this years awards came in the reportage category, I would certainly have the confidence to shoot weddings in this style if the bride & groom requested. I have included a selection of reportage photos below and have purposely left out most of my award winners as you are probably sick of seeing them !! These are just a few of my favourite moments, nothing outstanding, just blink & you miss kind of thing. Before the end of the year I will put up another blog, this time with some more classical style images, along with some firsts during this year, and hopeful developments for next year.