2010 – Part Deux

This year brought a number of developments, firstly it was my busiest year workwise so far, I also (finally) embraced, just a little, social media with the start of my facebook pages & blog. I covered the first ever civil ceremony held in Kilkenny Castle, travelled up & down the country visiting 20 of the 26 counties and had the priviledge of photographing weddings in everything from tiny churches to cathedrals, hotel lobbies, country houses, castles & even a theatre. I met some fantastic couples who made me feel very welcome and a part of their special day. There were ups & downs, but, on the whole, 2010 was a great year and I am very lucky to have a career doing something I love. I am hopeful that 2011 will bring further changes, I have new branding & packages lined up, am hoping to have more varied & regular blogs including guest writers, and who knows, perhaps I’ill get to cover all 26 counties this year. Despite the emergence in the last few years of reportage photography (of which I am a huge advocate) most couples, when it comes to choosing their final pics for an album, tend to go for the more traditional photos. The trick for a photographer is to try as much as possible to avoid wooden poses and excess cheese ! I have uploaded a small selection of more classical & relaxed wedding photography as opposed to the reportage shots in the last blog.

Finally, and most importantly, a big thank you to all the couples who had me as their photographer this year, without you I wouldn’t have a job !! And also thanks you to everyone who supported me in so many ways throughout the year, it is very much appreciated. Best wishes to all for 2011 and, in the immortal words of Dave Allen – May your God go with you.