Back to Basics – Landscapes

January is a peculiar time of year workwise – not many weddings, but time to clear the backlogs, confirm new bookings, take stock of what to achieve during the coming year etc. It also gives me some time (sadly lacking for most of the year) to indulge in one of my favourite pastimes – Landscape Photography. This time of year is ideal, not only do we get dramatic skys, choppy seas, but you don’t have to get up at stupid o clock to catch the pre-dawn light. It also differs completely from wedding photography in that if you get one or two keepers from any sortie – thats a good result. Serious & professional landscapers have often been known to wait a week (or longer) for a particular shot. Can you imagine asking a bride to hang on for about 30 minutes till the light changes !! Or that I got 5 or 6 great shots on your day, an excellent result !! I am lucky to live where I do with forests, beaches, cliffs etc. on my doorstep, and one of my new years resolutions was to make the effort to get out on the landscape trail a bit more. I have had to do a quick commission of 12 local B&W scenes which I hope to have completed today, and, I have another, personal project running which will take me up to December to complete, but, in the meantime, I have uploaded a few of my draft images for the current job (complete with watermark !). Hope you enjoy.