Super Coffee & Superstitions

Had a strange & varied week. All kicked off well with the IPPA awards, then had a shoot for the local parish priest – looking for a panoramic shot of the side of the church, and “while you are there you can do a few of the inside as well” type of thing. Dropped an album off to a very happy couple in Newbridge.  Started on a shoot for a small cafe chain in north county, great thing is that you get to eat & drink the props !! Was twitching all the way home !! Met a lovely couple, Mary & Cyril last night who booked me for their 2012 wedding – taking place on Friday 13th July !! Laughed off the superstitious element, but when I got into my car and tried to drive home from Dunsaughlin (usually 35 mins) began to wonder. Visibility was about 20 yards, so crawled most of the way home and took me nearly an hour. Have a ton of stuff to get through this weekend, some of which hopefully will be unveiled / announced shortly, and then getting ready for the boys junior infant photos in the local school – always a trial, but good fun. One thing that has come out of last week however is, despite whatever crap is thrown at me over the next while, I’m sorted for good coffee, and have I now have a better chance of getting into heaven !!  Have a few pics from the week below.