Storybook Albums

At my age I don’t normally wait for the post with baited breath. Usually its more bills, notice of mortgage rates going up etc. in general, depressing stuff. Last week was different, I actually got a couple of (unexpected) birthday cards in the post, and I got a call on Thursday telling me my new sample storybook album would be delivered on Friday. It was like youthful valentines days again, watching & hoping, only this time I was not disappointed. The album arrived in a fabulous hard case, the heady smell of leather & glue wafting through the air, yes, it was that good, I knew how Sile Seoige felt at the Kylie Gig !! (google it !). Ok, maybe a little over the top, but, the album looks & feels great. Genuine leather cover, fantastic quality printing, and, its all hand made in Ireland. The albums come with a choice of cover options & sizes and represent real value for a superb quality product that will stand the test of time. I am also expecting another sample storybook, similar as the first one received, but just a little different, with options of matching parent albums & mini albums. The second one is a couple of weeks away yet.

Along with this album I will also be launching my timepiece product which is an all inclusive package with coverage from preparations through to the first couple of dances. This package can be tailored as required to fit budgets & tastes. Just ask for details.

I have attached a few pics of the new album below, unfortunately they don’t really do it justice as the album has to be seen to be fully appreciated, and finally, many thanks to Babs & Colly for allowing me to use their wedding pics for the sample.