IPPA Awards – September 2011

With holidays, the mad summer season & preparing kids to go back to school I didn’t put as much time as I had wanted into the 3rd submission of the IPPA photographer of the year. This time I only entered 6 images – all in the wedding reportage category. While not overjoyed, I was fairly happy with the results – 2 gold and 4 silver awards. This makes my total for the year – 27 images in total entered – 11 gold, 15 silver and 1 bronze award. Next up is the final submission followed by the big one – the photographer of the year. For the photographer of the year you can enter 3 images for any category, but the images must have attained at least a gold award, and you can also enter a panel of four images. For anyone interested in photography you should check out the IPPA website and have a look at the diamond & gold awards from this quarter – the standard is quite staggering http://www.irishphotographers.com/gallery.php?id=22.

I have uploaded my six submissions below