Eimear & Ian

To quote a certain Hannibal Smith (people of a certain age will know who I’m talking about !) – “I love it when a plan comes together”. Friday the 8th saw me take to the roads for Eimear & Ians wedding. Being welcomed with a wave & a mug of coffee when I arrived at Eimears was a sign that this was going to be a good day, Eimear & her sisters looked stunning, as did her mam, and her father was beaming with pride over the four main ladies in his life, despite the nerves over his speech. After a lovely ceremony in the Heath Church off then to Mount Wolesley for the reception. I was pleasantly surprised & delighted when I arrived the the hotel as they came out to greet me, offered me a coffee (they all know how to get in my good books!) and showed me around the hotel, the reception room, where the welcome drinks would be, and then brought me down to the private gardens before the bridal party arrived so I could check locations & lighting etc. Fantastic customer service, and, throughout the afternoon, they couldn’t do enough for everyone. As the bridal party arrived the sun went in behind a small strip of cloud cover, just enough to remove the glare. My one complaint for the day ?? Not enough time for photos on the stunning gardens, I could have spent all afternoon there with the fantastic “models” who had been brushing up by watching americas next top model !! I have attached a few draft photos below.

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