Holy Flux Capacitor !!

I was a bit apprehensive arriving to photograph the wedding of Hazel & Kieran last Saturday – 28th May. For some reason, Hazel had a fear of getting her photo taken and had basically told me that she really didn’t want any pics taken of her !! I don’t know why she was so nervous as she looked fab, turning up in a Delorean which was in keeping with the eighties theme of the wedding. The tables were all dressed with retro sweets & pin badges, they even managed to find those red plastic fish that curl up and tell you your fortune. The table plan was done up in an A-Team style, there was a frame at the bottom of the stairs & props for polaroid shots of the (willing) guests in various poses, and it was all set off by the lads and their simple dress code – wear your converse. The simple yet touching ceremony was held in a marquee on the grounds of Malahide Rugby Club with the reception being held in the clubhouse, and, the day went so well, with such a relaxed atmosphere (helped by the 99’s on demand) that Hazel did let me take a few shots of herself & Kieran and I think you will agree that they look great together (check out the shoes !). So, if you have a problem (such as being camera shy), if no-one else can help and if you can find me, maybe you can hire me and watch as my plan comes together !

I am really looking forward to processing the images from this unique wedding, but, for the time being, I have uploaded a few draft shots below. Just click on any of them for a (slightly) larger version. Hope you enjoy.

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