Marie & Matthew

Sunday the 19th took me off to one of my favourite hotels for shooting weddings, Marie & Matthew tied the knot in Kilmainhamwood with the reception being held in Cabra Castle. This was my first “kilted” wedding in some time, and luckily the lads didn’t come over all Braveheart on me and show me what they had (or had not!) on under their kilts. Despite the  rain making an occasional appearance we still managed to get our shots in, but we stopped short of getting Oscar, the Irish Wolfhound, involved as he was just a bit too “damp” and I don’t think any bride, even one as laid back as Marie, would like to spend their evening with a subtle hint of “eau du chien” wafting off them !!. That didn’t stop my daughter (and chief bag carrier) wanting to dog-nap him.  Have uploaded a few pics of the day.

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